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Last week I discovered French Sheep's Milk Feta Cheese. It was quite a revelation. Not only have I never eaten it before, but I didn't even know it existed. (What rock have I been hiding under?) I was smitten with its smooth and yet slightly crumbly texture. It had the distinctive tang of sheep's milk, a wonderful creaminess—and much less salt than traditional Goat Greek Feta. The cheese comes packed in brine to maintain its moisture and freshness. I crumbled it on baked Spaghetti Squash that had been tossed in butter and seasoned with freshly grated nutmeg, salt and pepper— it was pretty yummy!




IMG_0293.jpg basil

I am really proud of my green thumb. Just look at that bag filled with basil from my little garden. This is only a small amount compared to what is still growing. I keep pruning the plants and adding the emerald colored leaves to my salads and grilling marinades. What a welcome abundance! This past weekend I stuffed an Eva Scrivo shopping bag — I save good ones for such occasions— with some cuttings and brought them back to the city to make a batch of pesto for our sandwiches at the bakery this week. By the way, the Eva Scrivo Salon is just the best. When my grill blew up in my face last month, and singed off quite a bit of the hair around my face and my eyebrows, Donna, my hairstylist at Eva's salon, came to the rescue and gave me a great haircut! Check out Eva's Scrivo's new book on beauty and hair. Yes, I do read non-foodie books.

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WHO IS SILVIA ? (Her New Book + Greek Eggplant Salad )












Photograph by Karen Weiss



SILVIA LEHRER, is a culinary professional, cooking teacher, author, and a weekly columnist, "Simple Art of Cooking",  for Dan's Papers in the Hamptons—and Silvia has been cooking for over 50 years.

Interestingly, I met Silvia's husband Fred around 1981 when I opened my first little bakery. Fred would drive into the city and purchase cases of my still warm marmalade to sell in their shop. They owned a high end specialty table-top store and a very respected cooking school called Cooktique, which was located in Tenafly, New Jersey. Fred managed the store and Silvia taught and ran the cooking school. She had studied abroad at Le Cordon Blue, La Varenne, and in the United States with some of the worlds greatest chefs and cookbook authors, (Giuliano Bugialli, Jacques Pepin, Simca Beck, Marcella Hazan and James Beard, to name a few).The New York Times hailed Cooktique as "one of the best and most comprehensive schools in the nation". Silvia organized tours to Europe, traveling with her students to the kitchens of the most accomplished chefs and authors. In the early '90's, Silvia and Fred sold the store and cooking school and moved permanently to Water Mill, New York. Surrounded by numerous local farmers, chefs and wineries, she has continued teaching, writing and cooking. 

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YES, believe it or not, Bill and I are on vacation. For many years we have come to our rustic little place, Club Baccara, in Cancun, Mexico. We usually take this time to recuperate after the busy holiday season at Sarabeth's. Every few years, the hurricanes come and go and sometimes they have been damaging. It is always a surprise for us when we arrive, as we never know what has been washed away while we are gone. Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised and other times we are sad. The beach appears and disappears depending the the severity of the hurricane. This year everything is perfect. Cancun is as beautiful as ever and if you stay away from the party scene you can have an amazing time.

We have a tiny little kitchen in our time share and I love to shop in the markets and cook during the day. In the evenings we always go out for dinner and enjoy the food of this rich and beautiful culture. I will be posting when possible, as I have to go to a local coffee shop for the internet service. When I see something special I will tweet you from my phone.

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